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At Sharp we try to accommodate your needs.

We can carry:

Up to 15 kgs of checked luggage and 6kgs of carry-on luggage for a total of 21kg per paying customer. 

With prior notice we can carry most personal items. Baggage in excess of this allowance may be carried subject to flight load capacity. Otherwise it will be carried on the next available flight. If you have a special request please call our office on 1300 55 66 94.

Size, Dimensions & Weight

Baggage must comply with the following weight and dimensions

  • Maximum weight of any one item must not exceed 30 kg.
  • Square or rectangular objects = 750mm (length) x 450mm (width) x 500mm (height).
  • Elongated objects = 2300mm (length) x 450mm (width) x 230mm (height).

You must be able to fit your carry-on bags into the baggage gauge at check in, including handles, pockets and wheels.

Up to 30 kgs of total luggage per paying customer 

Sharp airlines will match your international baggage allowance up to a maximum of 30kg, This is not guaranteed and Subject to available space.  Travellers will need to produce evidence of their international travel at time of check in to receive the increased allowance.


Excess baggage travels subject to available space on the day of travel.

An excess baggage fee will be levied for each additional kg in excess of the 21kg limit on all routes.

 Melbourne (Essendon) - Flinders IslandLaunceston - Flinders IslandLaunceston -
King Island
Burnie (Wynyard) -
King  Island
Melbourne (Essendon) -
King Island 
  $6.80  per kilo  

*Subject to load restrictions.

* Extra baggage cannot be pre purchased

When will Baggage Restrictions change?

If meteorological conditions or operational requirements dictate, it may be necessary to restrict passenger's luggage allowances. Sharp Airlines will endeavour to place your baggage on the next available flight.

We hate saying no but the safety of our passengers and crew always comes first. That's why items that are likely to pose a risk to safety and security or, can be used to cause harm, are carefully restricted or banned altogether.

Dangerous goods are also known as restricted articles and hazardous materials. Their carriage on aircraft is governed by the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Regulations.

Can I pack that? - Use our dangerous goods App to check what you can take on your flight.

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If you need more information on dangerous goods carriage please contact Reservations or refer to the CASA website. You may also ask our check-in staff if you have any questions.

Golf Clubs

img Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs can be carried on our airline services. The carriage of Golf Clubs is included in your normal combined baggage allowance of 21 kilos.


Firearms can be carried on our airline services as part of your baggage allowance, they must have bolts removed, trigger locks installed & carried in a locked case. Excess baggage fees apply per kilo that exceeds the 21 kg baggage allowance. 

Any individual traveling with a firearm must present a valid firearms license to the staff when checking in or collecting their firearm.

Firearms & sporting equipment not carried in a hard case will travel at passengers own risk. 


Must not exceed 5kg, be securely packaged & in a locked case. You must gain approval from the airline before flying.

Musical Instruments

Please note that musical instruments will only be accepted when in a hard case.



img pram

Smaller "umbrella" type prams are preferred over larger collapsible prams.

An infant 24 months and younger, who is not occupying a seat, has a complimentary maximum of 10 kg luggage to cover their stroller, car seat, bassinet or fold up cot. 


img surfboad

Surfboards may be carried provided they do not exceed 2300mm (length) x 450mm (width) x 230mm (height). Fins must be removed if possible. Excess baggage fees apply per kilo that exceeds the 21 kg baggage allowance. Baggage limits still apply (see above).


img bike

Call reservations to check available space.

Bikes will only be accepted if packed in a proper bike box or bag, with front wheel, handlebars, pedals and seat removed, tyres need to be deflated.

Bikes are carried on a space available basis. (Maximum 2 Bikes per flight) Bikes may need to travel before or after the passenger's preferred day of travel.  

E-bikes with batteries exceeding 160WH are not permitted to travel by air in Australia.
All devices with batteries in excess of 100WH must be declared to staff at check-in.

Cost will be $80.37 each way (up to a maximum of 23Kg including packaging)

(plus Credit Card surcharge of 3.08% for Amex, 4.09% for Diners and 1.16% for Visa and MasterCard). 

Please note bikes cannot be carried as part of baggage allowance.

It is recommended that any fragile, perishable or valuable items (including but not limited to cameras and computers) are carried in your carry-on baggage (Maximum weight 6kg). Appropriate actions should be taken by the passenger to ensure that all items in this category are protected.

Please note: Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of such items. However, Sharp Airlines cannot be held liable for fragile, perishable or valuable items carried in either carry-on or in checked in luggage. Passengers choose to carry such items at their own risk.


We make every effort to handle goods carefully. However, things sometimes happen. Sharp is not liable for minor damage caused to baggage due to normal wear and tear including damage to handles and wheels. Normal wear and tear is defined as:

  • Scratches, dents or minor cuts
  • Damage to or loss of straps, hooks or belts
  • Broken wheels or feet
  • Damage to retractable or fixed luggage handles
  • Damage resulting from over packing

Sharp shall not be liable for any baggage damage if baggage weight exceeds the maximum recommended weight limit per item (23kg)


If you have lost baggage please contact Reservations. Locating lost baggage will be made easier if all luggage is labelled with the owners name and contact phone number, ideally a mobile number.

To plan your travel and baggage requirements please contact Reservations.

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