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This Christmas, we've got the warm and fuzzies. At Sharp, it is important to us to do our very best for you, our Sharp Flyers and the communities we fly to. So to thank you for your support throughout this year, we have donated a return flight from Flinders Island to Launceston to an exceptional person who plays a pivotal role in the care and rehabilitation of wombats on Flinders Island, Kate Mooney. 

Kate was dubbed 'The Wombat Lady of Flinders Island' by Discover Tasmania a few years ago and she is one of the many local heroes among the communities across our network. Check out her story below. 

From the team at Sharp Airlines, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We'd like to say a big thanks for choosing to fly with us throughout the year and we look forward to providing you with the same, cheerful Sharp service again soon!

A message from Kate

My name is Kate Mooney and I have been raising baby wombats on Flinders Island for over 20 years. Wombats are incredibly clever creatures that are very endearing as well as very determined to get their own way.

Currently, I have 3 little boys all about the same age, they are Gatsby, Tommy and Scotty and now have two feeds a day. There are several larger wombats that I see most days - the three from earlier this year and the three girls from last year. Occasionally there is a massive girl wombat who comes inside to seek rolled oats and I believe she has a baby in her pouch. Derek skulks around sometimes but has transitioned into the wild quite successfully.   

My strike rate for saving the orphans is about 75% and they all end up as healthy, well-adjusted adults. Unfortunately, I can’t save all the ones brought to me but will continue to care for them as well as I possibly can.   

If you want to support me in my work with wombats there is a Flinders Island Wombat Go Fund Me page. I do have a troop of support workers which I’d like to thank as well. Merry Christmas to all wombats and wombat lovers. 

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